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Travel Guide for Tarkarli Beach (Maharashtra)

by Payel Kundu on January 09, 2017

Sunset at Tarkarli Beach

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What to expect :

Once I walked the beach of Tarkarli under a full moon sky at midnight and felt like an early human walking the earth by myself, with no one to find me there but for the open sky, vast sea and deodar trees across the beach. That’s how I always remember Tarkarli.

Tarkarli gives you all flavour of a Konkan beach, with much less crowd to share it with. This also means that services available here are not up to the standard of other known places. But the beach is beautiful, food is delicious and if you are a nature lover who like to explore new places, Tarkarli is worth a visit.

Reaching there :

If you are visiting from Mumbai, the preferred mode is train. Although people who enjoys driving may drive down the 500 KM of beautiful ever-twisting roads through green & rocky Western Ghats.

For traveling by train nearest station is Kudal (35 KM) on Mumbai-Goa route. It’s a small station. Not all train would stop here. You can also choose Sawantwadi (55 KM), which is relatively bigger town. Outside Kudal station, you will find many autos who will be willing you to take you to Tarkarli. Last I travelled, rate was around 400 bucks for that distance. Autos are available from Sawantwadi as well. If you are coming in a bus from Mumbai, Sawantwadi would be your nearest stop.

If you are traveling from far, nearest airports is Dabolim, Goa (140 KM). Long distance buses are available from Goa. Otherwise one can hire a cab for the same. You can also take the train from Madgaon to Kudal.

View of Tarkarli Beach from MTDC

Move around :

Autos are usually available in Tarkarli, but it’s not very reliable. You may or may not find an auto around when you need one. On the other hand, there are frequent buses between Malvan & Devbag passing through Tarkarli. One can use this option for moving around.

Some of the hotels (including MTDC) provide bikes/Scooties on rent on affordable tariff (cheaper compared to Goa). That can be utilized too.

Major Attractions :

  • Tarkarli Beach: A beautiful Konkani beach.
  • Sindhudurg Fort: 17th century fort built 1.5 KM from shore inside the sea. This fort can be reached by ferry from Malvan port. Ferryies are available every half an hour from morning to evening. Malvan is around 7 KM north of Tarkarli and can be reached by local buses or auto.
  • Devbagh: Devbagh beach is around 6 KM south of Tarkarli. You will be traveling through a thin stretch of land between Karli River and the sea. The final destination is the point where river meets the sea. Standing there you can feel the waves on your right and see the steady water flowing in river on your left. It’s a fishing village. So you might find many fishing boats on the beach.
  • Boating: From Devbagh tourist boats are available which can be an interesting ride. During monsoon months boats do not venture into the sea. So it might not be a worth ride. However in winter/summer these boats will take you into sea to some of the nearby beaches like Bhogwe, Nivati etc. The landscape here is really beautiful and worth taking this ride.
  • Dolphin sighting: There is dolphin viewing option from Devbag, Tarkarli & Malvan. You need to go early morning for this. However dolphin sighting is not guaranteed and depends on your luck.
  • Snorkelling: One should try snorkelling/scuba diving while in Tarkarli. Many guides will approach you on the beach for same. Otherwise you can contact your hotel for same. Snorkelling is done away from the shore, where they will take you in a boat.
  • Malvani Food: For fish-eaters, Malvani food is a must try. There are many good restaurants where you will find fresh pomfrets & kingfish will be served in different preparations. Hotel Chaitanya is a favourite among the locals, which also provides good place to sit and enjoy your food. But other hotels are also just as good in terms of food.

Nivati Beach near Tarkarli

Best time to visit :

Being a beach lover, I find every season as good season to visit a beach. But to enjoy the beach at its best, you should choose the winter months October to February. People might find summer a bit hot with temperature up to 35 degree, while monsoon would turn the sea rough and make you miss out on snorkelling & boating kind of activities.

Places to stay :

There are no big hotels in Tarkarli. There are many homestays near Tarkarli beach and one can also stay in Devbagh or Malvan.

I had always stayed in MTDC because of the location advantage. They have individual AC & Non AC cottages with very basic amenities only. Also one might find the standard of room poor due to poor maintenance.


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