En route to Nameri from Balipara

Why Nameri? I am not sure. It just felt right. When I started planning this trip, my first trip to north-east India, I was overwhelmed by the sudden realization of how vast it is. I had 10 days in my hand and there were precisely 7 states to consider. So like everyone else, I went with order of popularity. First there was Meghalaya, with the most popular name Shillong and other more beautiful destinations like Cherapunjee, Dawki etc. But I rejected Meghalaya considering the huge crowd at Shillong during this time of year. Next in line was Arunachal. But I found Tawang too cold for my taste and hence had to drop this route as well. At that point I thought of focussing solely on Assam, which meant tea-gardens and forests. With that in mind and factoring in my special interest towards forests, Nameri felt like the most convenient and desirable choice. And so I started my north-east trip with a visit to Nameri National Park.complete article

Posted by Payel Kundu

A traveler and a dreamer

on February 03, 2018