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New Year 2019 - time to slow down

by Payel Kundu on January 01, 2019

So here we go again – 2019! Another year, another 365 days, another cycle of same old festivals. Once more going through the motion of life. of course it’s a joyous time, a time for celebration. A new year means new promises, hope for endless possibilities. And even though these hopes are broken more often than not, we humen know how to resurrect them back every year and let our heart fantasize for the best and the most exciting. And why not! What’s life without hope!

This year’s a bit different though for me. 2018 had been quite kind to me. And so naturally, it feels hard to say goodbye. It was a year full of changes, excitements and exploration of so many unseen before. I think the best times are the ones that are fastest when it’s present and yet lingers on the longest afterwards. And I had plenty of those this year.

In the beginning of the year I was out of job and it can be a great feeling especially when it’s voluntary. You can truly experience living in the moment when you have nowhere to go and nothing to complete. It was quite blissful. I travelled to North-east in January and took a long route back home traveling through three other states on the way. I visited Himachal for the first time. And then soon for the second time as well.  A few weekend trips during monsoon was obviously irresistible. Caught up on some known places in between and pampered myself with some luxurious stay as well. And ended the year with eye full of mesmerizing beauty of the Andaman Islands. All in all, a very satisfactory year.

So now that I am sitting and summarizing my last year, I have to ask, what’s next? What to expect from 2019? The only thing I could think of is, slow down. It’s been a good long year with lots of travel, covering most of India, traveling to remotest corners and trying a lot of new things. It all was good, but it’s hard to keep up. And nothing is good when it’s too much. So this year I want to slow down a bit. Take a deep breath and enjoy what is here and now. Catch up on some reading and finish off the pending blogs. And just relax. At least that’s how I feel right now. Can’t promise what it would be like after a week or so. New Year resolutions are hard to rely on.

Anyways, so that was my year. The rest of the blog is a collection of pictures or rather moments from my past year. If anything catches your eye, just click on the picture and it will lead you to the detailed blog. Otherwise just enjoy the pics I guess…. Oh and of course, happy New Year.


An afternoon by the river Jia Bhoreli at Nameri National Park
Few enchanting sunsets at Majuli Island
Stumbling upon a lonely house at the edge of Khonoma village
The most secluded beach I have ever been to - Habalikhati
Listening to the silence of church at Pondicherry
Walking down the aise through Munnar tea plantations
Feeling the snow from distance at McLeodganj
Beautiful evening on Varkala Beach
Where time stopped and everything slowed down
Stalking his highness in Kanha forest
Monsoon at the bank of Mulshi Dam
Those leisurely hours at Lake Palace, Thekkady
Everything gets beautiful in morning light @ Pench
Ending the year with some deepest blue dreams


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