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Happy New Year 2018

by Payel Kundu on January 01, 2018

Hello there. And happy New Year. With 2018 rolling in, I am about to complete a year of blogging. I remember posting my first blog sometime in the beginning of Jan last year. So what did I achieve this year? I am inclined to say nothing. But that is more driven by the disappointment I faced rather than a practical retrospection. Well, to be fair, it did disappoint me. My blog gets very few daily visitors, my methods are inefficient and my information is not as useful to people as I had hoped it would be. But surprisingly I am not discouraged. If anything I am more driven than before.

Having a travel blog has its positive aspect, regardless of the popularity of it. Blogging brings a positive outlook to travel. Even after the trip is over, there’s something to look forward to. Writing the experience that I had and expressing it in a comprehendible manner is sometime more satisfying than the trip itself. It’s like how people kept photo album in earlier days. Storing the memory. Especially the happy memories. Now I get to store these memories not just with photos, but with words. And let’s face it, words can create much more layers of understanding than a photo or even a video could ever have.

But it’s not just that. Now I look at traveling differently. Starting from deciding on the destination to traveling there and till the time I am safe back at home, the blog always plays a role from the back of my mind. Yeah, I have started spoiling some of the relaxing trips by asking myself, “but what did I learn worth sharing?”. But all in all, there’s a good feeling in always trying to find some less explored place and gathering information along the way.

But more than anything, what keeps me going is my re-discovered knack for writing. I remember I had always loved to write. But somewhere along the way I drifted from it. Maybe I lost things to say or didn’t have time. But more likely I stopped believing in my writing and found it not worth the effort. Well, I am back to writing again and my love for it is growing gradually. I hope I can keep this up and top the number of blogs in next year (which is really not a high benchmark to surpass).

Anyways, here’s some highlight from 2017 for me…

Mulshi Dam
Year started with a trip to Ark Resort near Mulshi Dam


Got another chance to experience winter morning in my own village


Saw tiger for the first time at Bandhavgarh in March


Palolem Beach
Of course there was a Goa trip in summer


April in Ranthambore wasn't too bad


Discovered the picture perfect town of Lavassa over a weekend trip with friends


Long time dream of Kodaikanal came true in June


Spent a day at Neemrana's Verandah in the Forest in Matheran


Mandu was definitely the most exciting discovery - also my first real solo trip


And those snow mountains of Chopta was a treat


Finally in December hit those blue waves in Visakhapatnam

Hoping for lot new adventures in coming year and wish to share the same with you through my blog... keep reading...


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