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Photo Journal for animals of Ranthambore

by Payel Kundu on July 23, 2017

Many years ago the Rajput rulers of Rajasthan built a fort away from the 'Thar' desert. The fort was surrounded by forest which they used as hunting ground. Over the years the fort changed owners, but the forest remained more or less the same. In 1955, however, the forest was established as sanctuary which was later declared a national park in 1980. Now every year thousands of tourist visit Ranthambore to experience this heritage forest and get a glance of the marvellous Royal Bengal Tigers. We were fortunate to find a couple of tiger cubs along with their mother during our visit this year in May. But tiger was not the only thing we spotted. Here�s a list of all animal/birds we came across during our visit to Ranthambore National Park.

Note: Photos are taken with 200 mm zoom lense and hence the quality is not great for many photos.

TreePie will be your friend in Ranthambore. Wherever you go you'll meet then. It's the most common bird in Ranthambore forest and they are extremely friendly. A drongo came and sat on the bench in our resort lawn.
The Robin decided to sit on the chair instead. I was excited to spot a grey hooded parakeet.
Brahminy Mainas are very common in Ranthambore, probably more than common Maina. We came across a Peacock dancing inside the forest. Then we noticed a crocodile, absolutely still, resting at the bank of a lake. The Nilgai also stood perfectly still even though the treepie kept bouncing on him. Found a couple of woollen neck storks during evening, intrigued in their daily chores. At another place, saw a white stork standing in a picture perfect pose. And off course we saw the king of the jungle himself. Or rather herself with her two cubs. One was snacking on previous day's kill while the other slept peacefully with his monther.


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